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Mourners gather for funeral of slain NYPD cop Jonathan Diller, 31, after he was gunned down by ‘serial criminal’ – as thousands of police...

Slain policeman Jonathan Diller is being mourned at a funeral attended by way of 1000's of law enforcement officials from across the nation.The...

Unveiling the Hidden Treasure: The Fiverr Affiliate Program

Unveiling the Hidden Treasure: The Fiverr Affiliate Program  In the bustling digital marketplace, where creativity meets commerce, lies a golden opportunity awaiting discovery—the Fiverr Affiliate...

Canada echoes U.S. warning of ‘imminent terrorism risk’ in Moscow – National

The Canadian executive is echoing a ultimatum from the U.S. embassy in Russia of an “imminent terrorism risk” in Moscow. The U.S. embassy...

Asif Ali Zardari elected Pakistan’s 14th President

Report picture of Pakistan Peoples Celebration co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari. He used to be elected because the Pakistan’s 14th President turning into...


New Orleans Pelicans big name Zion Williamson gave the Los Angeles Lakers his easiest shot Tuesday.It wasn't plenty. The Lakers overcame a...

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