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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son explains why he doesn’t use his father’s surname | Entertainment

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son addresses nepo baby issue
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son addresses nepo child factor

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena has just lately defined why he by no means makes use of his father’s terminating identify.

“I think the main thing is I’m trying to do things on my own,” stated Joseph year talking on Excellent Morning Britain.

Arnold’s son said, “My family is very big in supporting from a far and not being so hands-on, I really appreciate that.”

“I think it’s really important growing up as a man to do things on your own. To figure it out, that’s what I’ve been doing,” persevered Joseph

Joseph most popular to usefulness mom Mildred Baena’s surname than his father Arnold’s identify.

Arnold’s son adopted his father’s footsteps along with his then film, Gunner.

Joseph discussed, “I’ve been working really hard. It was such an honour to be on the same movie as Morgan Freeman, as Luke Hemsworth. Luke is amazing, they’re both amazing actors.”

Extreme 12 months, Joseph additionally spread out about coming into Hollywood because the Terminator superstar’s son.

He advised E! Information, “I think with anyone that’s had a high-succeeding parent, it’s just going to be difficult.”

“People always discredit them, say, ‘You only got that because of your parents, you only got that because of X, Y and Z.’”

“It’s hard, but it’s just something that you have to live with. Know within yourself that if you’re putting in the work and you’re actually doing it, then none of that should matter,” remarked the 26-year-old.

Reflecting on nepo child backlash, Joseph added, “It was really bothering me that anytime I would get any kind of role or press, or I would post a physique picture on Instagram, I would always get comments of, ‘You’re only there because of your dad’ or whatever.”

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