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Book Review: Debut novel `Headshot’ gives us head shots of the psyches of teenage girl boxers

Rita Bullwinkel is aware of a factor or two concerning the human frame and the abuse it could actually tug. In an interview with The Paris Evaluation, the writer, who performed aqua polo in school, talked concerning the beating her frame took for a recreation few family help about. “My nose and all of my fingers have been broken. One time, when I was 16, I vomited for two days straight because of a full-force kick I took directly to the stomach.”

Bullwinkel brings that intimate wisdom of our bodies in festival to her debut copy, “Headshot,” which takes playground in Reno, Nevada, over two sweltering days in July as 8 youthful ladies vie for the Daughters of The us Cup at Bob’s Boxing Palace, a pale, dusty health club this is some distance from palatial.

Andi is haunted by means of ideas of a 4-year-old boy who drowned in a swimming pond when she used to be on accountability as a lifeguard. Artemis, whose used sisters excelled at boxing, too, worries about now not dwelling as much as the crowd legacy.

Bullwinkel provides us “head shots” of the alternative ladies, too, every together with her personal bizarre obsessions and goals. Andi is also fixated at the kid’s corpse however she could also be enthusiastic about a boy lifeguard she desires to kiss. One past Artemis hates Andi, “this sorry zit-ridden girl;” the after, she desires to be buddies.

Bullwinkel’s rhythmic, muscular prose fits the visceral, occasionally stomach-churning subject matter — vicious hits to the face and frame, “Andi’s nose feeling like cornflakes” then Artemis’s glove lands between her eyeballs.

Stylistically, she takes dangers. Even though the tale unfolds over simply the 48 hours of the event, the omniscient narrator initiatives into the occasion to consider the ladies’ fates. She is clear-eyed, unsentimental. When Artemis is 60, she will be unable to book a cup of tea as a result of her palms had been damaged such a lot of instances. “Her injury… will not be some battle relic, but, rather, a sorry, pathetic disability.”

In 2018, Bullwinkel made a leak within the literary global when she printed “Belly Up,” a number of scale down tales with ugly, surreal plot twists. One reviewer described it as filled with “squirmy pleasures.” Her untouched paintings continues in that vein with dim scenes and characters that may be tricky to learn. But it additionally feels remarkable as a result of she provides company to a bunch of women who may now not in a different way be unhidden and displays them to us within the complete flush of teen, striving for reputation and glory.


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