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GCHQ releases puzzle to appeal to potential new recruits – are you smart enough to solve it? | UK News

The United Kingdom’s knowledge, safety and cyber company GCHQ has spared a puzzle to enchantment to possible unutilized recruits who can “think out of the box”.

The ocular puzzle, which is a nod to the company’s historical hyperlinks with code-breaking, asks society to spot the letters contained within the image earlier than hanging them in combination to expose a unrevealed message.

There are 13 components inside the puzzle which constitute letters of the alphabet.

GCHQ has mentioned the puzzle, created with Manchester-based artist Justin Eagleton, has been designed to enchantment to society who “process information differently and possess strong lateral-thinking skills”.

The company has additionally mentioned it’s liberating the puzzle to mark the initiation of its web page at the LinkedIn social media platform.

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GCHQ says it arrange the LinkedIn web page in a progress to “recruit a mix of minds to tackle the toughest challenges facing the UK and counter real-world and online threats from nation states, criminal groups, terrorists and individuals”.

It added that its “new social media presence” is a part of its “commitment to become a truly diverse and representative organisation”.

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GCHQ director Anne Keast-Butler mentioned: “The world is getting more complex and we’re only ever going to stay ahead of those threats by bringing together the right mix of minds that lets us tackle the challenges ahead.

“For us, that implies bringing in society with other backgrounds, other revel in, other insights, other wisdom, and making a staff the place all folks can play games our phase. For us, it’s sunny that that range is undertaking essential. 

“So we’re on a journey to make sure that we reach out and connect to people who’ve never thought of working with us. And today we’re launching on LinkedIn as a way of starting to showcase a little bit more of the work that we do and some of the amazing people who work at GCHQ.  

“And as a part of launching on LinkedIn, we’re in true GCHQ taste – and to struggle and backup you suppose out of the field – launching a puzzle too. See if you’ll establish the letters contained within the image and produce them in combination to method a message.” 

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