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I was Hannibal the Cannibal Robert Maudsley’s prison psychiatrist… here is why he should have been FREED from jail and not kept in a glass dungeon

A jail psychiatrist who labored with the United Kingdom’s most deadly prisoners has claimed that serial killer Robert Maudsley must be freed. 

Dr Bob Johnson, who believes essentially the most violent inmates are a threat to people as a result of life injury, says Maudsley must be given a task so he pays the households of his sufferers reimbursement rather of being locked up.

Maudsley has been in solitary confinement in a specially-built glass cellular since 1983 next killing 3 community in jail day serving a day sentence for homicide. 

The crooked killer, who was once given the nickname ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’ following fraudelant reviews that he ate one in every of his sufferers’ brains, is saved within the underground field, measuring 18ft through 14ft, for 23 hours a week, within the basement of Wakefield Jail.

He’s upheld through 4 jail officials every time he leaves his cellular and holds the arena file for many consecutive days in solitary.

I was Hannibal the Cannibal Robert Maudsley’s prison psychiatrist… here is why he should have been FREED from jail and not kept in a glass dungeon

Dr Bob Johnson believes essentially the most violent prisoners are a threat to people as a result of life injury 

Robert Maudsley (pictured), 70, is being held in a private underground cell beneath the general population of HMP Wakefield, after killing four men between 1974 and 1978

Robert Maudsley (pictured), 70, is being held in a personal underground cellular underneath the overall people of HMP Wakefield, next killing 4 males between 1974 and 1978

Maudsley (pictured) was last pictured more than 40 years ago for a documentary on his life in prison

Maudsley (pictured) was once closing pictured greater than 40 years in the past for a documentary on his day in jail

Regardless of Maudsley up to now telling his nephew he would execute once more if excepted, Dr Johnson mentioned it’s ‘ridiculous’ that the ‘very clever’ Maudsley is locked up and added that he must be freed so he pays the households of his sufferer’s reimbursement. 

He instructed true crime YouTuber Shaun Attwood: ‘Robert Maudsley is a very cultured man, he likes Shubert like I do. 

He’s an excessively clever guy.

‘One of the things I say about Maudsley is, “you have murdered somebody, you must pay”.

‘But I would employ Maudsley with a very high salary, because he’s were given a just right mind, and he must pay £10,000 a yr to each and every population he has disadvantaged a member of.

‘Not lock him up at the costing the state £500k a year, it’s ludicrous, he must pay reimbursement for what he’s achieved.

‘I’m certain if I’d been in a position to proceed, he would have achieved that.’

Dr Johnson first met Maudsley in HMP Parkhurst in 1991 when the serial killer was once within the clinic wing of the infamous jail.

He mentioned of the assembly: ‘I noticed him on my first commute round, he was once in one cellular and he was once gaunt, a Moses sort glance. Lengthy hair and gruesome as sin.

‘At that month, he was once one of the unhealthy prisoner within the jail device. He was once a serial killer and have been a serial killer and killed I feel 4 occasions in jail.

‘I famous him, when he was once in Parkhurst in 1991, however he was once at the clinic wing. 

‘I’m passing throughout the clinic and he’s were given those cord mesh issues [in front of him] and we begin chatting and he mentioned, “if I had a friend who had this sort of problem, what would you do?”

‘I said “I would talk to your friend, would you be interested?

‘He said, “my friend might be interested, this sort of thing”.’

After the initial meeting, Dr Johnson got permission to interview and treat Maudsley with therapy.

The psychiatrist explained how Maudsley was making ‘sterling progress’.

He said: ‘The prison cell was 10ft by 6ft, I sat on the end of the bed by the door and he’s at that end. 

Dr Johnson treated Maudsley in the 1990s and believes he should be freed and given a job so he pay the families of his victims compensation

Dr Johnson treated Maudsley in the 1990s and believes he should be freed and given a job so he pay the families of his victims compensation

Dr Bob Johnson made the comments on true crime youtuber Shaun Attwood's (pictured) show during an appearance alongside his wife Sue Johnson

Dr Bob Johnson made the comments on true crime youtuber Shaun Attwood’s (pictured) show during an appearance alongside his wife Sue Johnson

Dr Johnson appeared on the youtube show alongside his wife Sue Johnson (pictured)

Dr Johnson appeared on the youtube show alongside his wife Sue Johnson (pictured)

‘He said “my hands are getting sweaty”, nearest I mentioned, “in case you frighten me, I will be able to’t support you”… so he calmed down.

‘He was making sterling progress, we were making incredible progress, we were unpacking his appalling childhood.

‘He used to get very agitated and used to say, “I’ve were given a protector and he’s coming in”, so I’d say back off, but did so gently, and I’d say “do you wish to have me to come back again once more?”.

‘We did monthly [sessions] at first and then we did gradually more. He eventually said, “I see these things quite differently from a month ago”.’

Dr Johnson believes essentially the most violent prisoners have been born ‘cute’ prior to they suffered terrible injury at a tender generation and that they are able to be cured with the precise remedy.

He mentioned: ‘Those psychopaths, so-called, had all been born cute, sociable and non-violent and one thing, which they couldn’t let you know, had long gone unsuitable, and in the end they might let you know.’

The psychiatrist defined his modes: ‘What occurs is, they put their injury in a field and they’re the one community who can visible the field. In the event that they visible the field upfront, that’s the tip of them – they’re useless. 

‘So, they don’t visible the field. My message to them is, “the box is empty you know”. 

‘If you’ll visible the field and misspen it away, it is going away totally however there are a complete quantity of stuff that occurs in between.’

Maudsley’s brother Kevin up to now instructed MailOnline that the killer is ‘satisfied’ in the back of bars and can by no means apologise for his crimes as a result of ‘they have been all paedophiles’.

He added: ‘The visits give him one thing to reside for. He’s simply worn to it.’ 

Maudsley, seen as a child, is serving four life sentences in his glass cell which measures 18ft by 14ft

Maudsley, noticeable as a kid, is serving 4 day sentences in his glass cellular which measures 18ft through 14ft

Dr Johnson  believes the trauma of the most violent offenders can be cured with the right type of therapy

Dr Johnson  believes the injury of essentially the most violent offenders can also be cured with the precise form of treatment 

Kevin, 71, visits his brother as soon as a occasion and sits in an adjacent cellular, speaking thru steel bars.

He mentioned: ‘He’s settled in – he wouldn’t need to progress. He’d instead be on his personal than within the customary jail. He simply likes it.

‘I’ve visits. He’s in a single and we’re in some other, with bars. He turns out satisfied plethora in there.

‘He turns out alright, we’ve a just right snigger. We simply discuss such things as out of doors – what’s it like, what’s happening, such things as that.’

The violent prisoner has handiest been pictured as soon as since his incarceration next being filmed for a documentary on him greater than 40 years in the past.

His brother’s feedback are in stark distinction to the combat the inmate has waged in opposition to the jail government in an struggle to progress him into higher situations.

In letters greater than two decades in the past, he wrote: ‘The jail government see me as a infection, and their resolution has been to position me into solitary confinement and blow the important thing, to bury me alive in a concrete coffin.

‘It does no longer subject to them whether or not I’m crazy or malicious. They have no idea the solution and they don’t aid simply as long as I’m saved out of seeing and out of thoughts.

‘I’m left to stagnate, vegetate and to regress; left to confront my solitary head-on with community who’ve seeing however don’t see and who’ve ears however don’t pay attention, who’ve mouths however don’t discuss.

‘My day in solitary is one lengthy length of unbroken melancholy.’

In 2021, he misplaced an enchantment to spend Christmas with alternative community and was once instructed that he’s going to be incarcerated in his cellular till he dies.

A yr upcoming, a Channel 5 documentary clear the serial killer had instructed his nephew he vowed to execute once more if he was once excepted.

Maudsley's (pictured) brother Paul said he was 'happy' living in his glass cell underneath HMP Wakefield

Maudsley’s (pictured) brother Paul mentioned he was once ‘satisfied’ dwelling in his glass cellular beneath HMP Wakefield

At HMP Wakefield two weeks ago, paedophile murderer Roy Whiting, 65, was stabbed by another prisoner

At HMP Wakefield two weeks in the past, paedophile assassin Roy Whiting, 65, was once stabbed through some other prisoner

Maudsley's nephew Gavin (pictured) told a documentary that he often visits the killer at Wakefield prison

Maudsley’s nephew Gavin (pictured) instructed a documentary that he continuously visits the killer at Wakefield jail 

Maudsley’s two-room cellular is made out of Perspex and has compressed cardboard furnishings.

The sadistic killer spends each and every week within the Hannibal Lecter-style cellular, sound asleep on a concrete slab and the use of a bathroom and sink which can be bolted to the ground.  

Like his namesake, within the 1991 Hollywood blockbuster Quiet of the Lambs, guards who’ve met Maudsley describe him as exceptionally clever, with a love of classical song, poetry and artwork.

Kevin, who’s the one particular person to discuss with Maudsley along mentioned his brother Paul and nephew Gavin, mentioned he whiles away the times studying books on chess, and nearest enjoying in opposition to himself.

He mentioned: ‘He’s extra into his chess. He has books on it – he simply reads books about chess. That’s how he’s now.

‘He has his year out of doors and nearest he is going again in.

‘He performs in opposition to himself. I don’t in reality know the way he does it.

‘He can progress to the fitness center however he can’t do the rest as a result of his knees are going.’

Maudsley was once born in Toxteth, Liverpool in 1953 and was once the fourth kid of a neighborhood lorry motive force.

However he had an unsatisfied begin to day and was once taken into aid at a tender generation along with his two brothers and sister next they have been discovered to be sufferers of ‘parental forget’.

Next a number of years in aid, Maudsley and his siblings went again to reside along with his oldsters however there they have been overwhelmed significantly and suffered ‘bodily abuse’, his brother mentioned.

Throughout his closing homicide trial in 1979, the courtroom heard that throughout his violent rages Maudsley believed his sufferers have been his oldsters.

He mentioned: ‘Once I execute, I feel I’ve my oldsters in thoughts. If I had killed my oldsters in 1970, none of those community want have died. If I had killed them, nearest I’d be strolling round as a detached guy with no aid on this planet.’

Maudsley dedicated his first homicide in 1974, at 21, next working away to London to paintings as a male prostitute as as a 16-year-old.

He brutally murdered paedophile John Farrell in Plank Inexperienced, next he confirmed footage of youngsters he had sexually abused.

Following the slaying, he passed himself in to police and straight away confessed his crime.

Maudsley was once despatched to Broadmoor Clinic, house to a couple of Britain’s maximum violent criminals next he was once deemed undeserving to get up trial.

Retired prison officer Neil Samworth has revealed why he thinks Maudsley (pictured) should no longer be kept in solitary confinement

Retired jail officer Neil Samworth has clear why he thinks Maudsley (pictured) must not be saved in solitary confinement

Maudsley was sent to HMP Wakefield (pictured) - nicknamed 'Monster Mansion' - after being convicted of manslaughter

Maudsley was once despatched to HMP Wakefield (pictured) – nicknamed ‘Monster Mansion’ – next being convicted of manslaughter

At Broadmoor he was once a ‘type’ prisoner till 1977 when he and fellow prisoner David Cheeseman locked themselves in a cellular with kid molester David Francis.

Next a deadly nine-hour torture ordeal, the callous pair dangled Francis’s dead frame for jail guards to peer.

Consistent with one preserve, the person was once found out along with his head ‘cracked visible like a boiled egg’ with a spoon putting out of it and a part of the mind lacking.

Maudsley was once nearest despatched to HMP Wakefield – nicknamed ‘Monster Mansion’ – next being convicted of manslaughter.

At Wakefield in 1978 Maudsley strangled and stabbed Salney Darwood, 46, who have been jailed for killing his spouse.

He concealed Darwood’s frame beneath mattress prior to sneaking into the cellular of paedophile Invoice Roberts, 56, who had sexually abused a woman elderly seven.

He stabbed Roberts, hacked his cranium with a makeshift dagger and smashed his head in opposition to a wall.

It was once handiest nearest that the brutal ‘Hannibal’ killer was once sentenced to day imprisonment.

In 2000, Maudsley introduced a felony bid to the courts asking for to be allowed to die.

He wrote a letter asking: ‘What objective is served through conserving me locked up 23 hours a week?

‘Why even trouble to feed me and to provide me one year’s workout a week? Who in truth am I a chance to?’

Within the letter he described that his wave remedy and confinement had led him to stay up for a ‘mental breakdown,’ psychological weakness and ‘possible suicide’.

Maudsley is kept separated from other inmates inside Wakefield (pictured) after he killed three people while serving a sentence for murder

Maudsley is saved separated from alternative inmates within Wakefield (pictured) next he killed 3 community day serving a sentence for homicide

HMP Wakefield (pictured) holds some of Britain's most dangerous killers and notorious inmates

HMP Wakefield (pictured) holds a few of Britain’s most deadly killers and infamous inmates

He went on to query why he couldn’t have a puppy budgie, promising to adore it and ‘no longer consume it’.

Additionally wondering why he couldn’t have a tv to ‘see the arena’ and teach himself or song tapes.

He ended the letter pronouncing: ‘If the Jail Carrier says negative nearest I ask for a easy cyanide pill which I shall cheerfully remove and the infection of Robert John Maudsley can simply and rapidly be resolved.’

Regardless of his wicked crimes, a veteran jail officer who has upheld a few of Britain’s most deadly males instructed MailOnline that Maudsley should be moved out of solitary.

Neil Samworth, who served at HMP Strangeways in Manchester for greater than a decade, mentioned: ‘I feel it’s unsuitable the way in which he has been handled. He’s in general isolation and isn’t truthful.

He added: ‘I feel his crimes are historical now and he represents negative actual threat to others. It’s a little bit like Charlie Bronson.

‘Sure, he has had quite a lot of fights within the life however he’s an vintage guy now.’

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