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J K Rowling sparks controversy again, claims Nazis never burnt books on trans health

NEW DELHI: J Ok Rowling on Wednesday sparked a controversy on X next she posted feedback denying that the Nazis “burnt books on trans healthcare and research”.
Rowling was once responding to a put up that mentioned — “The Nazis burnt books on transhealthcare and research, why are you so desparate to uphold their ideology around gender?”
Wondering the supply of the put up, she mentioned, “I just… how? How did you type this out and press send without thinking ‘I should maybe check my source for this, because it might’ve been a fever dream’?”

The feedback drew responses from X customers together with gender and tech skilled Alejandra Caraballo who cited a analysis on how Nazis focused transgender community.
“On May 6, 1933, a Nazi student group marched to the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin. With the members of SA, they ransacked the institute and looted its library and archives,” the put up mentioned.

“Days later, the stolen books, artifacts, and clinical files were destroyed in one of several public book burnings organized across Germany,” it added.
Retorting to those claims, the Harry Potter writer mentioned, “Neither of your articles support the contention that trans people were the first victims of the Nazis or that all research on trans healthcare was burned in 1930s Germany. You are engaging in lying, Alejandra.”
Responding to the declare that every one analysis had been misplaced for the reason that “Nazis burnt it all down”, Rowling mentioned, “I heard there was a bit in Revelation about puberty blockers, but Leviticus made them take it out.”
It comes two days next Rowling’s put up on UK’s Mom’s Month sparked controversy. The put up mentioned — “Happy Birthing Parent Day to all whose large gametes were fertilized resulting in small humans whose sex was assigned by doctors making mostly lucky guesses.”

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