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OSCARS PHOTOS: See candid moments from the red carpet

LOS ANGELES — The purple carpet returned this pace on the 96th Academy Awards — upcoming terminating pace’s champagne-colored relief. A dizzying parade of stars posed in shining outfits and waved to myriad photographers and fanatics. The yearly ritual of lighting, cameras and model had an eventful get started.

Osage singers and dancers made a lavish front i’m sick the stairs of the Dolby Theatre, bedecked in colourful, conventional garb. Onlookers might be heard pronouncing “wow” in amaze. Their retirement again up the steps was once simply as musical, with bells wrapped round their knees. Live to tell the tale the display, they’re appearing their nominated track from “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

Associated Press photographer John Locher roamed the carpet, capturing many candid and unexpected moments Sunday afternoon.

Ramy Youssef pretended to be a red carpet photographer and playfully took hold of a camera.

Meanwhile, winners from last year’s Academy Awards were relaxed and took selfies with fans. Jamie Lee Curtis kissed the hand of one fan, who, when asked by the AP if they knew each other before she said “No, I’m just a fan. I’ve always loved her.”

Also on the red carpet, Emily Blunt found her way over to “Oppenheimer” director Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas. John Krasinski chimed in that Nolan looked dapper. They posed for a photograph and laughed together.

Shortly before the ceremony started, a crowd in the bleachers all yelled in unison, “Hi Barbie!” when Margot Robbie hit the carpet. Along with Ryan Gosling and Martin Scorsese, they were among the last to take their seats.

“The trick is not stomping on anybody’s train,” Steven Spielberg said, walking the final steps down the carpet into the Dolby Theatre, as the show was about to begin.


For extra in this pace’s Oscars, talk over with: https://apnews.com/hub/academy-awards

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