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Prince William ‘appreciates’ Camilla for ‘stepping up’ in King Charles’ absence

Prince William is considering taking a look next spouse Kate Middleton in lieu than his place within the royal crowd.

The Prince of Wales sparked worry about his emotions as Queen Camilla continues to jerk top in different high-scale royal occasions in the name of cancer-stricken King Charles.

On the other hand, former BBC court docket correspondent Michael Cole informed the Day-to-day Mail that the time King of England is “not worried about who does what in the royal family”.

“It is right, proper and in accord with protocol for the Queen Consort should take up some of the duties of her husband while he is unable to preside at public-facing events and ceremonies,” he mentioned.

“All of that coming as Prince William confronts the real possibility of his future role as king much earlier in his father’s reign than would have been hoped, adds to his burden.”

Mr Cole defined that William has “nothing to fear from the Queen taking a more prominent role in the coming days”.

He persisted: “He is a Prince of the royal blood. His father’s royal lineage dates back to Alfred the Great, his mother’s antecedents to the Stuart King Charles II four centuries ago.

“His destiny is assured. In due course, if destiny does not decide otherwise, he will become King William V.

“Queen Camilla has no personal ambitions. She is just doing very well in a role she did not seek and she is proving to be rather good at it.

“Prince William will have welcomed that, rather than resented her success, knowing the truth – if all members of the royal family shine, then that reflects a lustre on the very institution of a constitutional monarchy that has served this country so well and for so long,” the royal knowledgeable added. 

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