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Should the Lakers’ head coaching job be considered top-tier?

Incorrect, the Los Angeles Lakers had been not able to land Dan Hurley. Incorrect, there’s no unclouded indication who the group will now goal in lieu of Hurley. Incorrect, there’s no contract that LeBron James will stay with the crimson and gold later season.

And refuse, the Lakers’ head training activity will have to no longer be thought to be a stupendous one, in line with Nick Wright. The “First Things First” co-host was once overtly essential in regards to the activity’s attract on Tuesday, breaking i’m sick his case in feature.

“It’s not a good job as long as Rob Pelinka’s there,” Wright stated. There’s a protracted record of execs and a protracted record of cons [with the job]. … Its location, its historical past, which I do suppose is sexy to NBA gamers — LeBron James didn’t simply select Los Angeles, there are two groups there. He picked the Lakers, and the Lakers’ emblem nonetheless method one thing related to the New York Yankees’ emblem and the Dallas Cowboys’ emblem.

Lakers vacant head educator activity ‘lowly seemed’ by means of NBA coaches, in line with document

However probably the most largest cons, Wright stated, is the entrance administrative center, particularly normal supervisor and vice chairman of basketball operations Rob Pelinka.

“Why is the conversation about Rob Pelinka’s job not happening right now, today?” Wright requested. “If we take the Lakers ostensibly at their word, they’ve had a target, they’ve had six weeks since they fired their coach … they might end up being a man without a country because you couldn’t land your guy! … What is the evidence that we have that Rob Pelinka and this Lakers’ regime knows what they’re doing?”

The Lakers have had seven coaches within the age 11 years, getting simply two years out of Darvin Ham and 3 years out of his predecessor, Frank Vogel.

Vogel received a championship in 2020, hour Ham introduced the Lakers to the Western Convention finals in 2023, prior to guiding them to the inaugural In-Season Event victory this age season. 

For “Undisputed” contributor Rachel Nichols, the shortage of activity safety the group has introduced lately, plus the reported six-year, $70 million trade in the squad despatched Hurley’s manner, had been components in Hurley’s choice to show i’m sick the activity.

“This was once no longer a ‘Godfather’ offer,” she said Tuesday. “The coach of the Detroit Pistons would’ve made more money than him. And I think part of it is the Lakers weren’t looking at this the right way. Maybe they were looking at it as like ‘Hey, we’re taking a little bit of a chance, we don’t know how he’s gonna work out in the pros, this is what we think he’s worth.’ That’s not what it’s about. It’s not what Dan Hurley is worth money-wise, it’s about what he’s worth to you, and the Lakers needed this to work out. 

“They fired a coach two years after winning a championship. They fired a coach one season removed after getting to the Western Conference finals. They’ve had seven coaches in the last 11 years. That is embarrassing, they needed to stop the bleeding, and they don’t have a lot of other options. The options they’re left with after blowing this is a guy [J.J. Redick] who’s never coached after AAU, and a guy [James Borrego] who is a lifetime assistant, who had one head coaching job, who then lost it with the Charlotte Hornets.”

Dan Hurley spurns Lakers, will remain at UConn

Colin Cowherd likened the situation to that of another historically prominent franchise — the Dallas Cowboys.

“These are the Lakers’ have-tos: ‘We have to sign 39-year-old LeBron James — 40 in December — to a three-year max contract, because he’s our only elite playmaker, and if Bronny’s available, we’ll have to draft him. That’s the current state of the Lakers,” Cowherd said Tuesday. “And now you have to settle for probably … your second, third or fourth choice as a head coach. Those are the Lakers’ realities.” 

“They also have one of the poorest ownership groups, the second-largest front office in Los Angeles, pretty light on draft capital, and since [Anthony Davis] arrived, they’re in the cross-your-fingers business with AD and his health. Those are the realities of the Lakers. It’s a little bit like the Dallas Cowboys. The expectations are high, reality is low and the roster is always a little bit overvalued. … So Dan Hurley, in a sport that’s in transition, making half the money, said, ‘No thank you.’”

Why did Dan Hurley turn down the Lakers?

So no, Dan Hurley is not the head coach of the Lakers. And he may not be the only coaching candidate to tell L.A. “refuse” within the coming weeks.

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