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The greenest cars of 2024: Vehicles that use the least fuel and cost less to operate

The greenest cars of 2024: Vehicles that use the least fuel and cost less to operate

All-electric automobiles might form headlines for environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency, however the “greenest” automobile in The us in 2024 has a gas engine. In step with the American Council for an Power-Environment friendly Financial system’s annual GreenerCars scores of probably the most environmentally pleasant automobiles, the original Toyota Prius Prime SE plug-in hybrid tops the listing of greenest automobiles, even supposing it’s one thing of an anomaly, as a result of battery-electric EVs practice it in spots two to 5.

Of the lead 10 automobiles within the scores, six are electrical and 4 are hybrids:

Rank Create & Style Powertrain Inexperienced
MSRP Estimated Annual
Gasoline Value*
1 Toyota Prius Top SE PHEV 71 $32,975 $529
2 Lexus RZ 300e EV 67 $55,150 $651
3 Little Cooper SE EV 67 $30,900 $747
4 Nissan Leaf EV 66 $28,140 $741
5 Toyota bZ4X EV 66 $43,070 $689
6 Toyota RAV4 Top PHEV 64 $43,690 $741
7 Hyundai Elantra Blue Gasoline Hybrid 64 $26,250 $864
8 Hyundai Kona Electrical EV 63 $34,050 $695
9 Toyota Camry LE Gasoline Hybrid 63 $28,855 $907
10 Kia EV6 EV 63 $43,975 $689
11 Toyota Corolla Gasoline Hybrid 62 $23,500 $944
12 Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV 62 $41,650 $737

*ACEEE research the usage of EIA information of annual price—from gas, electrical energy, or a mix—of riding 15,000 miles

The ACEEE additionally compiled two alternative automobile ratings: the so-called “Greener Choices” and the “Meanest List.” The Greener Choices list comprises a number of high-scoring typical automobiles, and the Meanest Record identifies the worst-performing mass-market fashions. Completing first within the “greener” listing — which the group says is set automobiles “available nationwide with among the lowest environmental impacts” — is the Honda Accord Hybrid. So far as the “worst-performing mass market” automobile, that doubtful difference is going to the $184,000 Mercedes-Benz AMG G63.

“It’s important for automakers to keep expanding affordable EV options rapidly so that the benefits of EVs are available to drivers across a wider spectrum of incomes as we transition away from cars that burn gasoline,” stated Peter Huether, ACEEE’s senior transportation analysis colleague and govern researcher for the GreenerCars ratings. “For drivers whose needs are not met by today’s charging infrastructure, many efficient and affordable hybrid options are available.”

Simply over part the automobiles at the 2024 Greenest Record get started at underneath $35,000, together with 4 EVs and 3 fuel hybrids. This comes as moderate costs throughout all EVs dropped through 18 % in 2023, pushed through greater festival from conventional automakers, stock and provide chain enhancements, and decrease lithium-ion battery prices.


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