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The most efficient gas or hybrid cars of 2024: Not the greenest, but still really green

The most efficient gas or hybrid cars of 2024: Not the greenest, but still really green

No longer a unmarried electric vehicle seems at the “greener choices” checklist assembled by means of the American Council for an Power-Environment friendly Economic system (ACEEE) in its annual compilation of the most environmentally friendly cars in america.

However for possible automobile consumers searching for an effective, reasonably reasonably priced gas or hybrid vehicle this month, the checklist of 12 vehicles, trucks and SUVs can support with choice making. Topping this month’s checklist was once the gas/hybrid Honda Accord, priced at $33,990 with an estimated annual gasoline value of $982.

Rank Produce & Style Powertrain Automobile Elegance Inexperienced
MSRP Estimated Annual
Gas Value*
1 Honda Accord Gasoline Hybrid Massive Automobile 62 $33,990 $982
2 Kia Niro FE Gasoline Hybrid Compact SUV 61 $28,315 $885
3 Mitsubishi Mirage Gasoline Compact Automobile 59 $17,955 $1,189
4 Lexus ES 300h Gasoline Hybrid Midsize Automobile 59 $44,590 $1,073
5 Lexus NX 350h Gasoline Hybrid Midsize SUV 57 $43,465 $1,207
6 Ford Maverick Gasoline Hybrid Compact Pickup 55 $24,900 $1,297
7 Toyota Sienna Gasoline Hybrid Minivan 55 $39,080 $1,304
8 Petite Cooper Convertible Gasoline Subcompact Automobile 54 $35,700 $1,412
9 Toyota Highlander Gasoline Hybrid Massive SUV 54 $40,720 $1,348
10 Kia Soul Gasoline Little Wagon 53 $21,565 $1,467
11 BMW Z4 sDrive30i Gasoline Two-Seater 50 $53,600 $1,626
12 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 Gasoline Hybrid Massive Van 49 $43,000 $1,596
13 Volvo V90CC B6 Gasoline Hybrid Midsize Wagon 45 $59,800 $1,843
14 Ford Ranger Gasoline Usual Pickup 43 $32,670 $1,968
*ACEEE research the use of EIA information of the once a year value of riding 15,000 miles

In making its reviews, the ACEEE examines each and every 2024 type in accordance with its value to human fitness from wind air pollution related to car production and disposal, the manufacturing and distribution of gasoline or electrical energy, and car tailpipe emissions. The crowd additionally takes into consideration wind air pollution related to EV battery production.

The group additionally ranks what it calls the “greenest” cars — it decided on the Toyota Prius Prime SE plug-in hybrid is the greenest type of 2024. In addition to the
“Meanest.’’ or least environment friendly car. On the lead of that checklist this month was once Mercedes-Benz AMG G63.

The crowd says that the greener possible choices are the ones which are to be had national “with among the lowest environmental impacts in each vehicle class but that didn’t make the Greenest List. The Greener Choices list does not include EVs (including PHEVs) because some drivers do not have adequate access to EV charging.”

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