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Watch what bullets the Tesla Cybertruck can (and can’t) stop

Watch what bullets the Tesla Cybertruck can (and can’t) stop

Obviously certainly one of Elon Musk’s puppy options (amongst many) for the Tesla Cybertruck used to be some degree of bullet resistance. It used to be some of the supremacy options touted at the infamous reveal in 2019, and it survived to the manufacturing style. As proven in official videos, the truck’s panels would oppose 9-mm and .45-caliber pistol ammunition (“Tommy Guns” are chambered for .45 ACP; put merely, it’s a system pistol  -Hurd). However in fact, as we noted, there are many other kinds of ammunition fired from different weapons; higher and quicker types of ammunition. So what’s the restrict on what a Cybertruck can oppose? Electric wheelchair builder and YouTube phone durability tester JerryRigEverything found out, and you’ll see the leads to the video at govern.

The video begins off with repeated trying out of 9mm rounds, which the truck’s panels shrug off nice-looking handily. They let fall horrific dents, however not anything will get thru. From there, trying out escalates to .22-, .17-, .223- and after all .50-caliber rifle rounds. We received’t let you know the place the restrict is as a result of that will ruin the video, however it will have to come as disagree miracle that the .50-caliber spherical manages to punch thru each side of the door and do a host at the inside shorten. In a reasonably prudent proceed for a not-very-prudent job, the crowd opened the door to blast at when shifting as much as the rifle ammo, in order that if the rest were given thru, it wouldn’t tear up extra of the cabin. And naturally, this used to be all executed at an professional taking pictures field with enough protection precautions.

As famous each by way of us and JerryRigEverything, this property is performative greater than the rest, for the reason that glass at the Cybertruck is nice-looking customary automobile glass. In order that received’t oppose any roughly bullet. If you need or want unedited coverage from weapons, you will have to advance to an armored-vehicle upfitter that can provide a vehicle with actual armored glass in addition to panels. Nonetheless, this does display that the Cybertruck can oppose many usual handgun bullets and your garden-variety .22LR — supplied they aren’t pointed on the glass. Construct positive you don’t finally end up on Hans Gruber’s sinister facet.

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