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What your taste in movies REALLY says about your personality, according to science (and no, being a horror fan DOESN’T make you a psycho)

What does it if truth be told say about you in the event you love comedies, or like not anything higher than looking at a masked killer removing his sufferers?

The solution is almost definitely instead other from what you are expecting.

More than one medical research have investigated the persona characteristics related to other movie genres, and feature get a hold of some stunning associations (in addition to some not-so-surprising ones, like the truth that rom-com lovers generally tend to consider in real love.

Right here’s what your favourite movie style says about you, in step with science:


In the event you’re a horror fan, the excellent news is that your predilection for looking at family in clown mask slash and mutilate blameless sufferers doesn’t heartless that you’re a psychopath your self.

In reality, looking at horror movies way you’re much more likely to be an outgoing or ‘extroverted’ individual.

What your taste in movies REALLY says about your personality, according to science (and no, being a horror fan DOESN’T make you a psycho)

What does looking at horror movies corresponding to M3GAN say about you? (Getty)

A find out about by means of the College of Lleida in Spain discovered that extroverts have a tendency to be interested in motion and horror movies, however left bored by means of recreation presentations and information systems.

Some other find out about discovered that sensation-seekers if truth be told salivated extra all the way through a 20-minute area of the horror movie Friday thirteenth, appearing that they have been extra alert.

Some research have steered within the day that family who revel in horror movies are much less prone to display empathy – deal with others – however a 2022 find out about known as this into query.

The pre-print find out about discovered that ‘enjoyment of horror movies was unrelated to affective empathy, negatively associated with cold heartedness, and positively associated with cognitive empathy.

In fact, enjoying horror films is not very different to children playing games like chasing and hide and seek, says psychologist Mathias Clasen, writing in Psychology Today.

Clasen said that a recent study showed that horror films seem to make fans more resilient, with fans able to cope better during COVID lockdowns.

Clasen said: ‘Presumably, we evolved to find pleasure in threat simulation because of the learning potential of such simulation. When we play with fear, we may learn important lessons about the dangers of the world as well as our own responses to danger. We learn what it feels like to be afraid, and we get to practice and hone fear-regulation strategies. We may even become more resilient in the process.’


There’s some somewhat bizarre science round why we supervise rom-coms, together with analysis by means of College of Colorado at Boulder which discovered that family generally tend to wish to supervise rom coms when it’s chilly.

However – in all probability unsurprisingly – many research have discovered that family who consider in ‘true love’ generally tend to revel in romantic movies.

What does a taste for rom coms say about you as a person?

What does a style for rom coms say about you as an individual? 

A 2019 find out about by means of Valerie Kretz discovered that now not best do family who like romantic films consider in the concept that ‘love conquers all’, they’re additionally much more likely to feel free of their relationships.

Kretz wrote: ‘Television drama and romantic movie viewing were the strongest predictors of belief in love conquers all and relationship satisfaction, whereas soap opera viewing was the strongest predictor of belief in soul mates.’

In reality, a 2014 find out about discovered that looking at romantic films in combination used to be as efficient as some counselling forms relating to staying in combination.

The usage of a ‘movie and talk’ way decreased the judicial separation and official separation price from 24 % to 11 %.

Manage writer Ronald Rogge of the College of Rochester stated: ‘It’s extremely moveable. 

‘There are actually superb marriage intervention systems to be had now however maximum require skilled therapists to manage them.

‘If {couples} can do that on their very own, it makes it such a lot more uncomplicated to assistance them.’


What does attractive with ‘geek culture’ corresponding to Dune or Superstar Wars say about you as an individual?

One debatable 2015 find out about means that family who accomplish that are narcissists who search to resignation the true international.

Enjoyed Dune 2? Here's what that says about you

Loved Dune 2? Right here’s what that claims about you 

The researchers wrote: ‘These studies present evidence that individuals may engage in geek culture in order to maintain narcissistic self-views (the great fantasy migration hypothesis), to fulfill belongingness needs (the belongingness hypothesis), and to satisfy needs for creative expression (the need for engagement hypothesis).

‘Geek engagement is found to be associated with elevated grandiose narcissism, extraversion, openness to experience, depression, and subjective well-being across multiple samples.’

However that’s now not the entire image. Writing in The Dialog, Dr Gavin Miller Senior Schoolmaster in Scientific Humanities on the College of Glasgow, stated that psychologists generally tend to brush aside the truth that science untruth continuously confronts actual problems on this planet.

Others recommend a hyperlink between an affinity for myth and sci fi and creativity.

Cognitive psychologist Dr Kevin Brown stated in an interview: ‘The ones interested in myth have a tendency to be family with a extra inventive thoughts. It’s an continuously underestimated method of judgement, however it’s an impressive method.

‘Creativity tends to be undervalued in our society. Interestingly, many who do not necessarily have a creative mind still have a visceral need for the creativity of others through literature or music.’

Analysis by means of Oklahoma College backs this up, suggesting that sci fi lovers are ‘open to experience’ and satisfied to discover untouched concepts.

The researchers scribble, ‘Their openness to adventure and a variety of experiences makes sense with the correlation to science fiction, which is characterized by these traits.


People who watch comedies tend to have ‘hyperthymic’ characteristics, one find out about discovered.

Hyperthymic temperament refers to family with abnormally massive quantities of power and exuberance.

Watching comedies such as The Hangover could mean you're an energetic and open person

Looking at comedies corresponding to The Hangover may heartless you’re an full of life and unhidden individual

Alternative research have steered that family who revel in comedies have a tendency to be extra unhidden to untouched reports and extra inventive than others.

There’s additionally excellent information in the event you ARE a comedy fan: a 2016 find out about discovered that looking at comedies is if truth be told excellent for lowering ranges of pressure hormones corresponding to cortisol.

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